Thursday, July 25, 2013


In the February 2013 issue of the New Era Magazine, Elder Russell M. Nelson talked about faith and obedience, in relationship to the Young Women's Values.  In the LDS Church the Young Women's Program helps out girls from 12 to 18 years old, and develops them to prepare themselves for service and for eventual marriage and motherhood.  There is an equivalent program for young men, called the Young Men's Program, also for boys from 12 to 18 years old, and that program develops boys into men, and also teaches service and preparation for missionary service, marriage, and fatherhood.  Elder Nelson makes clear that though the values presented are from the Young Women program, it could also apply to the Young Men.  In fact, it can be applied to all of us:

It is important to develop faith to keep all of the commandments of God, knowing that they are given to bless you and bring you joy. You will encounter people who pick which commandments they will keep and which they will ignore. This practice of picking and choosing will not work. It will lead to misery. To prepare to meet God, you need to keep all of His commandments. It takes faith to obey them, and keeping His commandments will strengthen that faith. (Elder Russell M. Nelson, "Focus on Values", FEBRUARY 2013 NEW ERA MAGAZINE)

Faith is inseperably linked with obedience.  In Spanish the word for faithful is fiel.  Fiel in Spanish is very close to the word leal, the word for loyal.  How can we be faithful to God?  We need to be loyal to Him.  We need to be loyal to those who God has called as His servants in these latter days.  

On a forum which I participate in, there has been an increasing amount of people that are on the road to apostasy, and it is really over things that really are not that important.  People object to paying a full tithe and try to justify paying tithing on increase or even on surplus.  A mall goes up in Salt Lake City that causes many people to apostasize.  I believe they need to read President Eyring's First Presidency message this month.  I believe that the two thousand people that have jobs at that mall are thankful that they have those jobs.  Downtown Salt Lake City ten years ago, while not like a downtown Detroit or Baltimore, was starting to decay.  I think the decision that President Hinckley concerning the building of the mall and residential centers was a very wise decision, even if the application of the decision appeared and appears questionable.  The Kirtland Safety Society was MUCH more controversial than the City Creek Mall, and that was at the beginning of the Church.

That is one example of selective obedience, of a la carte Mormonism.  While there will be people that mock, there will be others that while they live the commandments, they store oil in their lamps for the difficult days ahead.

We cannot choose to obey the Law of Tithing and then disobey the Word of Wisdom.  That would destroy our bodies.

We cannot obey the Word of Wisdom and then disobey the law of Chastity.  While your body will remain free of lung cancer and liver cirrosis, your sense of virtue will be lost, permanently.

We cannot obey the Law of Chastity, and then disobey the law of Tithing.  While our bodies will remain pure, we will not obtain the blessings of the Lord concerning tithing, and we might get burnt.

All of the commandments have to be obeyed, in order to receive the total blessings.



    The Israelites spoke against God and Moses, so God sent fiery serpents among them because they sinned and many people of Israel died. (Numbers 21:4-7)

    God gave them a plan to escape death.

    Numbers 21:8-9 Then the Lord said to Moses, "Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, shall live." 9 So Moses made a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole; and so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived. (NKJV)


    1. Not one Israelite said "Looking at the bronze serpent did save me from death, because I was saved the minute I believed in the message of Moses."

    2. Not one Israelite said "I was saved from death by faith alone, and looking at the bronze serpent was just an act of obedience."

    3. Not one Israelite said, "Looking at the serpent of bronze was a testimony of my faith, however, if had no bearing on my sins being forgiven by the Lord and I was saved from death before I looked at the bronze serpent."

    4. Not one Israelite said, " Looking at a serpent of bronze is a work and works cannot saved anyone from death."

    5. Not one Israelite said, "Moses meant that we were to look at the serpent of bronze because we were already saved from death."

    6. Not one Israelite said, " You must look at the serpent of bronze in order to join the local synagogue, however, it has nothing to do with being saved from death."

    7. Not one Israelite said, There are three modes of looking at the serpent of bronze. 1. Looking at the serpent of bronze. 2. Talking about looking at the serpent of bronze. 3. Reading a book about looking at the serpent of bronze.

    8. Not one Israelite said, "Looking at the serpent is an outward sign that we have already been saved from death."

    You notice, that unlike the denominational churches of today, the Israelites did not write down some man-creeds in order to be saved from death from snake bites. They believed the words of Moses, as spoken by the Lord.

    If only men today would simply believe what God says about the terms of pardon under the New Covenant.

    THE TERMS: 1. Faith-John 3:16 2. Repentance-Acts 2:38, Acts 19:3 3. Confession-Romans 10:9 4. Water baptism-Acts 2:38, Mark 16:16, 1 Peter 3:21


  2. I would like to correct you on a few things. There were some Israelites that chose to rebel and not look at the serpent, thinking that the idea seemed rubbish or too easy. But those who DID look at the serpent, where you correctly say that the Israelites followed the words of Moses as he was under commandment of the Lord to speak to them.

    In other words, God, through his servant Moses, commanded the Israelites to look at the serpent and live. Israel at that time had a living prophet.

    And like Moses in those days, as LDS and as Christians, we believe that God revealed His will to man anciently, and the evidence in that is in the Bible. But differing from most Christians, LDS believe that God is capable of revealing His will to us today, precisely through men like Moses called today to be prophets and apostles.

    This blog deals with what these men have said over the years, from Joseph Smith down to Thomas S. Monson, as well as with other men that have been called to be apostles and prophets over the years.

    We listen to the Lord, through the Scriptures, as well as through the modern prophets of today, and we will live.